Journey in Front of the Lens II

Life Changes

You never know when life is going to say, "Oh hey! Things have been pretty even keeled. Let's grab you by the heels and shake things up!"

My husband Jeff and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in 2017. To celebrate, we took a twenty day trip to Greece. (Blog posts on sessions I did there forthcoming) He had updated his LinkedIn profile before we left, and when we returned, there was an email from LinkedIn inviting him to interview. Fast forward two months, and we were getting our home in Santa Fe on the market, wrapping up business, packing, and moving to Silicon Valley. So, here we are. New place, new experiences and new networks to explore.

In my years of studying photography, I met a lovely fellow photographer, Yvette Brackett, who also studies with one of my mentors. As I was finally within driving distance, we decided to meet up in Sausalito, California and photograph each other. 

As I'm in a brand new area, I not only need to find new locations to provide the backdrop for my portrait sessions, but also other professionals to work with. I was so excited to work with Kim Baker Gomez. She's a fantastic hair and makeup artist out of San Jose, California. She and I chatted about the look I was wanting, the color of the gown I would be wearing and also any other concerns either of us had. I had decided to evoke the look of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman with the cobalt blue gown.

Once I was all ready, it was back in the car and off to Sausalito. I met up with Yvette, and we took turns photographing each other. It is always so much fun to work with another professional photographer, especially one who has some of the same training as I do. We really spoke each other's language! After being a star for the day, we both headed home with plenty of fantastic memories (and images) to cherish!

When was the last time you dressed up for fun and had some beautiful images taken? Let's work together to make YOU the star of the day! - Amanda

Model + Wardrobe: Amanda Quintana-Bowles - Web | Instagram | Facebook

Photographer: Yvette Brackett - Web | Instagram | Facebook

Hair + Makeup: Kim Baker Gomez - Web | Instagram | Facebook