Stephanie Swanbeck | pre-rafaelite muse

"Amanda was prepared for anything, whether it be a costume malfunction or a last minute theme change. It really helped our photoshoot go smoothly. Amanda is prepared, professional, and easy to work with!" - Stephanie Swanbeck • model


the session

Ever since I was young, I have been in love with artwork from Pre-Rafaelite masters. I respect the richness of the colors, the usage of light, the narrative and the little details that capture the imagination. 

I approached Stephanie Swanbeck, a San Francisco based model, for a collaborative session. I really wanted to try out some editing techniques and work at an beautiful outdoor setting near me at golden hour. She readily agreed, and we did a back and forth with ideas and mood boards.

When the day arrived, I had been going through more of my moving boxes and found my box of brand new tiaras! I pulled a couple to take with me, along with faux flowers, silver globes, an extra burgundy gown and several yards of throw fabric. We met up, and one of the two gowns she had rented had a bad zipper, so we decided on adding the burgundy gown instead. I pitched the idea of doing a royal shoot, and we went full in. Keeping my mind on the work of Pre-Rafaelite artists, Evelyn De Morgan, Marie Spartali Stillman and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the session flowed. 

Editing this session was a treat. I did some composite work on a few to create fantastical locations and situations. Stephanie created a lovely narrative for each image she posted on Instagram.

Enjoy the final set! - Amanda