Ivry Jayne | testimonial

I’d like to share my amazing photographic experience with Amanda Quintana-Bowles and Oralia Creative.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first because I am not a model, and also I think I look horrible in pictures.  Until now.  The entire day was like being in a dream.  Upon arrival at the make up artist’s studio in Scottsdale, I was greeted by Amanda and her crew of professionals with coffee and fresh fruit. We started with my hair first, and then makeup.  I was  completely pampered and it was so relaxing!  The make up artist and hairstylist did a great job at making me camera-ready.  Then, we were off to shoot on location in beautiful Old Town Scottsdale.

Amanda selected several gorgeous spots to shoot, so it was wardrobe and pics, pics and more pics!!  Amanda made me feel very comfortable and natural as she guided me through poses and smiles.  The clothes we picked were completely amazing, like something out of a fairytale.  Many times during the shoot, people would stop and look.  It made me feel like a Kardashian. lol! Amanda’s grace and professionalism set the bar.  When I was able to see the pictures I was mind-blown.  Every picture was elegant and Amanda made me look flawless.  Thank you, Amanda and Oralia Creative, for a most unforgettable experience.


Ivry Jayne


Photographer/Stylist: Amanda Quintana-Bowles

Makeup: Peggy Richards

Hair: Nicole Pazienza

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