Ivry Jayne | desert beauty


Beauty in Scottsdale

Traveling to a new city to set up a shoot is always so much fun. Ivry and I had a video meeting a few weeks earlier to discuss what she would like to do for her session and what wardrobe she would like. I connected with respected hair and makeup artists in the Phoenix area, and decided to work with the talented Peggy Richards and Nicole Pazienza.

I arrived a day before the shoot, and went location scouting in Old Town Scottsdale. After snapping a few iPhone images for location inspiration, I was ready! The next morning, Ivry and I met up at Peggy’s studio for her transformation. It’s always exciting to work with new professionals, and by the end, it felt like I’d known Peggy and Nicole for years.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the locations were just perfect. Something I loved about photographing Ivry was that she was willing to really push herself to settle into a pose and try different ideas. After we were done, we headed to a local restaurant and enjoyed a great meal over plenty of laughs.

Thank you, Ivry, for trusting me to show you how the world sees you….as an incredible beauty, inside and out!

Photographer/Stylist: Amanda Quintana-Bowles

Makeup: Peggy Richards

Hair: Nicole Pazienza

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