Laje Reine | Queen of the Sun

She is the Sun

When the day starts and the roosters crow
The sun comes out, that we all know
And with its warm and bright beautiful glow
The animals rejoice, and the trees grow
When the day ends, and the sun starts to fade
A cold rock, comes out to light the shade
Its cold, and dark but yet it will glow
For the suns warm beauty continues to flow
So the owls, and wolfs will continue to see
The survival of the fittest that make the weak flee
And as the moon falls, and the cycle restarts
The sun will continue to come out to warm hearts
And even the moon, which seems so dark and cold
Will continue to glow and guide the few that are bold
For the sun will always light the cold dense rock
And the universe will expand like a ticking clock
And every year or two, the moon will get its due
For the suns bright face will be eclipsed by the moon 
- Lawrence Campbell

Her last name means “Queen”, and Laje Reine embodies the strength and power befitting such a name. I met Laje in the Fall, and I let her know about the series I wanted to create of strong, incredible women featured as powerful queens. She was fully on board, and so after exchanging some ideas, I had a good concept for our session to plan from.

I really wanted to give a nod to a historical queen, and the Queen of Sheba really spoke to me. According to ancient stories, she was a sun worshipper who brought a caravan of valuable gifts for King Solomon and asked the King various riddles to test his wisdom.

In the celebration of the sun, Laje was dressed in a saffron gown with golden jewelry. A white, flowing veil is a reminder of fine cloth that was probably offered to King Solomon. The location for our session was the impeccable and lush Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum grounds. This location brought to mind the great Egyptian Queens, particularly Nefertiti. As we moved from spot to spot, chasing the setting sun, the magic of the moment really shone through.