Winny Hanssens | an elven queen

I have known this incredible woman for over three years. We met through a Facebook game, and in 2011, my husband and I journeyed to Belgium and met her and her husband. We have been dear friends ever since. Each year, we do a big road trip all together. This year, we did the Pacific Northwest, and I asked her if she’d be interested in doing a shoot while traveling. She said yes, and my work began.

Over the following months, I started gathering pieces of wardrobe I wanted to use. This included corsets and flowing chiffon skirts.  I shipped the wardrobe to their hotel in Seattle, and we met up in Boise a couple weeks later.

The location we ended up shooting at was our campsite in Mineral, Washington. 20 acres of what looked like Middle Earth. Giant trees enrobed in green moss, wild sorrel and ferns…we couldn’t have wished for a better setting. She looked like an elven queen in her woodland domain.

Thank you, Winny!! <3