Journey in Front of the Lens

Photos by Robin Foley Portraits - © All Rights Reserved


I feel that part of my journey as a photographer, is giving myself over to be on the other side of the camera. After months and months of missing each other, the incredible Robin Foley  let me know she was going to be back in New Mexico to visit her family. We had been trying to get together since we found out both of us were studying master beauty photographer, Sue Bryce’s methods, but it didn’t happen until now.


I went into this shoot with a level of vulnerability that I have not allowed myself before the camera. I’ve had photo sessions with other photographers, but I’ve always sort of led the vision and direction. Over the last few months I’ve gained 20+lbs, I’m seeing more grey on my head, body parts are suddenly less resistant to gravity, I have been feeling very insecure in my body and very much my age. I suppose that mirrors what many of my clients feel. You know, the “I’m too fat. I’m too skinny. I’ve got too many wrinkles. My breasts are saggy. I have cellulite,”…and the list goes on. My darling husband and I chatted about all this and he said, “You HAVE to do this shoot with Robin. It’s integral to your learning and your journey.” He was right.


Robin wanted to do a Marilyn Monroe styled shoot, calling to mind her session from 1954 where she’s wearing an Anne Klein ballerina gown. From there, I went into hyper planning mode. Getting all sorts of wardrobe items together along with jewelry, shoes and even some background throws. I had just finished sewing a custom black tulle skirt, so that was a must. Robin also mentioned I would be modeling some gorgeous handcrafted jewelry from Vis a Vis Jewelry. My studio hair and makeup artist, Katie Douthit arrived bright and early and began my transformation, much like what happens for my clients. I packed everything up and drove 60 minutes south to Albuquerque.


I’m a singer, and have been a public speaker, radio personality and media spokesperson. I have been performing professionally since I was nine. I’ve had countless shoots over the years. Yet, I went into this shoot with a level of vulnerability I have never allowed myself in front of the camera. I kept chanting to myself, “Let her guide you.” Robin took my vulnerability and made me feel beautiful, sexy, impish, powerful, gorgeous. I came away feeling all this and also incredibly humbled. Now I have beautiful images and also beautiful memories from this part of my journey. May we all take the time to be in front of the lens and enjoy the experience!